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“Mengelicious Moments” is an initiative by David Boos and his wife Olga Minkina. Both are classically trained organists that have been taking a long hard look at new ways of sharing classical music (and organ music in particular) with new audiences.


David Boos (1982) was born in Vienna, Austria, and received his first musical training in his hometown. At the age of 17 he was accepted into the Musikhochschule Wien, where he studied organ as a main subject. But for various reasons, life lead him to other places. From 2002 till 2012 he lived in the Netherlands where he studied the organ at Amsterdam Conservatory and worked as an organist & choir conductor. It is mainly in that period that his knowledge of, and love for, historical organs developed and grew. The teachers that influenced him most were Pier Damiano Peretti in Vienna and Pieter van Dijk in Amsterdam.

But besides his love for music, David has always been fascinated by the idea of making movies. At the age of 16 he considered trying to become a director, but chose to go for what he was better at – playing the organ. Later on, in his Amsterdam years, he made first experiments with creating music videos of his organ performances with only an old broken analogue camcorder. It remained a dream, though, as other things were more important at that time.

After 10 years in Holland, David decided to return to his hometown for the time being and to develop another skill of his – organizing things. Already in the Netherlands he had founded 3 ensembles, as well as organized several concert series. It was time to support this practical knowledge with some real theory. He finished a degree as a Project Manager with honors, while at the same time preparing to move yet again – for he was preparing to get married! His wife Olga was working as a church musician in Güterlsoh when David moved to her after their wedding, and he started working in the area as a church musician. But soon the opportunity arose to become part of another fascinating project: he became Label Manager of the non-profit, democratic music label Odradek Records (see in our link section). It was around the same time, that Olga was appointed in Brackwede (see the Rowan West organ in our videos) and the idea was born to unite their talents to create “Mengelicious Moments”. The results can be seen on this website!

David also works as a freelance-translator for the languages English, German & Dutch. For more information about David, visit his personal website:


biu-cembaloOlga Minkina (1987) was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she received her first musical training. At the age of 19 she moved to Germany to study church music, as well as piano, in Herford. She finished her church music studies with honors in 2012 and is currently studying for her MA degree in piano.

Already during her study years she built up a body of work that includes working as a choir conductor, organist and pianist. On top of that, she regularly organizes concert tours, exchange programs and other activities for choirs and other groups. Some of the highlights include the organization of an “International music exchange” program in 2013, during which a choir from Germany travelled to St. Petersburg to perform in a series of concerts and cultural events. She also takes great pride in her work with children and the several youth projects she has led.

In March 2014 Olga was appointed director of music at the Bartholomäus-Kirchengemeinde Brackwede. One of the highlights in that church is the 1994 Rowan West organ (43 stops on III/P) featured in many of our videos. That organ has been somewhat of a sleeping beauty over the last years, so that it is barely known even amongst local organ lovers. One of her primary tasks is to build up awareness for this wonderful instrument and make it known to a greater group of people. Besides several local initiatives and building up regular concerts, she joined forces with her husband David to put the organ on the map for good. “Mengelicious Moments” is the result of this endeavor.

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